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Libido Enhancing Herbs

Since 2021, over 3 million Americans have relied on “the little blue pill” for help in the bedroom annually, with this number increasing year after year - but why? What causes a low libido in men? Can women have a low libido, too? Is there any hope of regaining passion in the bedroom, naturally? Continue reading to find these answers, and more.

Numerous factors, regardless of gender at birth, can affect someone’s desire to be romantic. Age, stress at work or home, one’s environment, and even one’s physical and mental wellbeing may play a role in increased (or decreased) libido. Taking note of how each of these factors affect romantic thoughts is an important step in deciding how to address and improve low libido. Depending on the suspected cause, remedies ranging from prescription medications to natural herbs and supplements may reignite the fire behind closed doors (or wherever the mood strikes).

What is libido?

Also known as one’s sex drive. libido is a person's desire to engage in intimate and/or sexual activity, On a psychological level, libido may also refer to the emotions and mental energy related to intimacy. Libido varies from person to person, and can be affected by one's preferences, life circumstances, physical health, hormonal function, brain function, and mood.

How is low libido treated?

Over 3 million Americans turn to prescription medications such as sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) to help increase libido annually. According to, more than 23 million men have been prescribed Viagra (sildenafil citrate) by more than 750,000 physicians since its market launch seven years ago. In addition to medications meant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, prescribed hormones and natural supplements are commonly used for women who experience low libido as well.

Natural remedies for low libido


Native to the subtropical climates of Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and even southern Texas, Damiana’s use as a herbal remedy predates written history. Used by both men and women, Damiana has been said to provide numerous health benefits for issues including depression, indigestion, constipation, incontinence, headache, irregular menstruation, and urinary tract problems. Damiana is also touted for providing improved mental clarity and focus, physical stamina, and sexual arousal.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama, or “Potency Wood” as it is known by traditional cultures, has long been used by the Amazonian people to manage a variety of age-related conditions. The muira puama bush is used by both men and women for a wide array of disorders. The leaves of this potent bush are believed to increase sexual desire in healthy individuals. It has also been traditionally used to treat menstrual disorders, joint pain, and other conditions. Known as the “Viagra of the Amazon,” muira puama contains “sterols”, the building blocks of sex hormones such as testosterone. One study found that this herb relaxes the corpus cavernosa – a sponge like area that holds blood during an erection. This relaxation allows more blood to flow to the penis, producing a stronger and firmer erectile response. 

Horny Goat Weed

Commonly found in Asia, parts of Europe and Africa, horny goat weed is a perennial plant that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a tonic, aphrodisiac and antirheumatic agent for both men and women. Rich in estrogenic compounds, horny goat weed is also traditionally used to help treat high blood pressure in women with menopause. As with many of these holistic remedies, horny goat weed is often used in conjunction with other supplements that amplify their effects. Common combinations include Yohimbé, Saw palmetto, Maca, and CBD to address other physical and emotional conditions that may play a role in reduced libido. 


More recently, the hemp-derived cannabinoid THCV has been found to have beneficial effects on libido by reducing mental stress while modulating the body’s chemical compounds responsible for increased libido. When combined with other mood-enhancing herbs in a capsule or gummie (such as Viia Hemp's line of High Love'' aphrodisiac products that are available through The Cosmic Hippie), individuals receive a more holistic experience to an otherwise frustrating issue. Although these remedies are natural, it is always wise to consult with a physician to ensure personal safety.

Hormone Therapy

As men and women age, our hormone levels change, thus affecting libido. For some, this change is hardly noticeable, but for others, medical intervention is needed to help the body and mind find homeostasis (balance). Hormone replacement therapy may be suggested for individuals who have low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances, especially if these imbalances have affected other organs throughout the body. Hormonal imbalances often affect mental clarity and the ability to adapt to stressful situations, which may indirectly reduce the desire for intimacy as well.

Mindfulness for Making Love

Stress, regardless of gender, is often a leading cause of low libido in individuals aged 30 - 60. Between work, children, and aging parents, keeping up with the hectic pace of life leaves little time for romance. Rather than trying to go against the current, go with the flow  - scheduling time to do nothing once a week may do wonders for the spirit! As ridiculous as it may sound, seeing a block of time to do nothing can serve as a reminder to take time for oneself. This block should be treated just as seriously as a meeting with an important client at work, because in a way, it is. A clear mind can improve overall productivity in all aspects of life - not just in the bedroom. It only takes 21 days to form a new routine; the same goes for the body. Natural supplements often need weeks to begin working as intended, so when introducing anything new, allow time for adjustment and be kind to yourself - after all, you’re only human!

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