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Are you looking to learn more about natural wellness? Look no further than The Cosmic Hippie. We're committed to helping you achieve optimal health and balance in your life. Our plant care and wellness tips allow you to create a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Our how-to videos are designed to inspire and educate individuals eager to learn more about science, the multiverse, and other alternative wellness topics.

From herbal remedies to yoga, we cover it all.

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Listen to DW as she tells us how introducing Delta 8 THC CBD gummies as part of her husband's daily regime significantly improved his quality of life while living with Parkinson's Disease.

The data provided is purely for informative purposes and it is not meant to be used as a diagnostic aid. Please consult your medical physician before trying any new medication or supplement.

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Advances in technology have driven many of our personal transactions online, making us susceptible to identity theft. Sensitive information is constantly transmitted between devices via the internet, email, and even web searches. Choosing secure service providers is key to protecting your identity.

Is your Snake Plant looking a little cramped in its pot? Watch this video to learn how to quickly repot your Snake Plant in a few simple steps. Here is your supply list: ✔️ Overgrown Snake Plant ✔️ Miracle Grow Potting Mix ✔️ Miracle Grow Palm, Succulent & Cactus Mix ✔️ Pruning Shears (I prefer Felco™️ Shears) ✔️ A Few Empty Pots That Are Larger Than What You Already Have

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