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Unexplained fatigue? Poor digestion? Chronic pain or inflammation? If any of these sound familiar, a full-body scan with our Bio-Well GDV camera may help shed some light on the underlying causes of your symptoms and help us navigate your roadmap back to wellness.


Bio-Well scans can be safely performed on people of all ages, including children. Each full session & analysis can take up to 2 hours, depending on the results.


Bio-Well is an innovative lifestyle analysis tool designed to provide clients with valuable insights into their well-being. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, Bio-Well captures and analyzes the energy field around the body, commonly referred to as the biofield. This non-invasive and holistic approach offers a unique perspective on various aspects of health, stress levels, and overall balance.


The device uses gas discharge visualization (GDV) technology to generate visual representations of the energy distribution in the body, including the chakra system. These visualizations can highlight areas of strength, potential imbalances, and stressors within the energy field. The analysis aims to offer clients a deeper understanding of their overall health and lifestyle, promoting a proactive approach to well-being.


Bio-Well's comprehensive reports may include insights into stress levels, energy balance, and recommendations for potential lifestyle adjustments. By empowering clients with this information, Bio-Well encourages a more personalized and proactive approach to health management. Clients can use these insights to make informed decisions about their lifestyle, potentially leading to improved energy levels, reduced stress, and enhanced overall well-being.


The Bio-Well GDV device provides 7 reports, including:

- Biorhythms

- Energy field

- Chakra alignment (this scan also generates a custom binural beat intended to help rebalance your energy at that given moment)

- Yin Yang balance

- Optimal energy utilization

- Optimal energy distribution

- Organ energy distribution


Amber Embers is a certified Bio-Well practitioner. Amber has undergone in-depth training to understand the data generated for each report. Amber then uses this data to create a wellness plan tailored just for you, regardless of age or ailment.


The Bio-Well GDV camera generates 7 reports intended to provide insight for your underlying conditions. These reports should not be considered diagnoses. Rather, they are snapshots of your current physical state. All information obtained from a Bio-Well session is for educational purposes only. Please consult your medical professional before changing your diet, adding or removing medications, starting a new exercise regime, or trying new natural remedies.


The GDV Technique is patented, the hardware has passed technical, toxicological, and clinical tests, and it is registered in the public register of medical equipment in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The GDV Technique has won the recognition of many specialists and has been featured in several peer-reviewed studies. Together with other electrographic methods, the Bio-Well GDV camera is used in medicine, professional sports and fitness, health resorts, beauty businesses, various fields of psychology and psychophysiology, and also in basic and applied research worldwide.


Please call or text Amber to schedule your scan once your purchase is complete. All scans are performed in Amber's office, which is located at:


160 Cypress Point Pkwy

Suite B303

Palm Coast, FL 32164



Bio-Well Full Body Scan

PriceFrom $54.99
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Checkup
ONLY FOR FOLLOW-UP VISITS. Must complete initial FULL scan!
$54.99every 2 months until canceled
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