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Merry Mabon

Mabon is the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices. On this day, the hours of sunlight and night are in equal proportions. This year, that day falls on September 23rd.

It is a time of appreciation for all of the blessings and abundance we have received - both light and dark (yes, be grateful for the struggles you have faced because you are still here, which means you are strong!)

A few simple ways this day can be celebrated include:

☆ Harvesting from your garden or a local farm - hello apple picking!

☆ Simply enjoy some time outdoors doing nothing - put the cell phone down for an hour to enjoy the sounds and splendor of nature.

☆ Have a bonfire - and don't forget to invite me!

☆ Bake something tasty like an apple pie - let Sara Lee handle the hard part!

☆ Donate food to a local pantry to give others a reason to be grateful for the life still within their lungs.

Cornbread, zucchini & beans are traditionally served as part of dinner during this celebration, followed by a ritual performed to let past grievances go. To do this, write down each situation that brought you grief this past year on a piece of paper - one at a time - then scatter the paper among leaves, mulch, or in a fire (I prefer burning them - there's something magical about watching your stress literally burn away!)

Consider trying some of these traditions to end this year on a positive note and begin the next one with lighter shoulders. Merry Mabon!

☆ Amber

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