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How Does The Schuman Resonance Affect The Body?

💩 If you have been feeling like sXit for the past few days... weeks... months… or LONGER, with no diagnosable medical explanation - this post is for you 💩 

In 2017, the planet experienced a sudden spike on the Schuman resonance scale, and The Great Conjunction in 2021 acted like a springboard for planetary energy, catapulting us as a whole onto the "fast track" for ascended consciousness & enlightenment. How?

When the planets align, it is believed that portals between universes/timelines can more easily be formed, permitting the exchange of data in the form of energy and processed as thoughts or "downloads" within those who are able to tune into these frequencies (the "Enlightened"). 

If you have been feeling nauseous, dizzy, absolutely DRAINED, confused, disassociated, or all the above, you may be experiencing ascension symptoms. This is your physical body PURGING all of your soul's negative past life karma. As Einstein stated, "energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another."

This means that a system always has the same amount of energy, unless it's added from the outside, including our soul (the essence that embodies our own self-image & spirit - our Ego). As we pass from one physical life experience to another, the energies accumulated by our Ego during those experiences do not simply disappear - we live on in the memories of our loved ones just as much as our experiences live on in the ribbon of the universe's timeline (because all things are connected to one main source - God, Spirit, Yahweh, Buddha, etc.).

In order for our consciousness to ascend, we have to literally leave the baggage at the door, because 5D reality is non-linear & therefore has no "past experiences" (I know I lost a few of you here, but keep reading).

For the past few months, the planet's Schuman resonance has been off the charts. To many, this is an indicator of conscious global awakening (and I agree). 

The planets aligned again on Monday, May 29th. More solar flares are also on the horizon, which will generate future geomagnetic events.

Just remember to stay present and leave the past behind you as we weather this geomagnetic storm!

If you can use advice on how to manage your symptoms, please contact us at 904-878-3893

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